Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Oil Company Sales Really Heat Up
with the Help of N2N

“Working with N2N is easy, manageable. It’s seamless and simple. Our direct marketing looks more professional – and my sales reps are free to do what they do best. Sell.”

John Mullaley
Frank Lamparelli Oil
Canton, MA

Family-owned Frank Lamparelli Oil was started in 1929, and is currently managed by the family’s third-generation. So they understand the unique challenges that come with marketing an oil company.

Marketing in the oil business is challenging. In New England, about 40% of homes are oil, 40% gas and 20% other. But which 40%? It’s difficult to know. And, once a customer selects an oil company, they rarely switch. Consequently, companies like Lamparelli Oil have limited customer acquisition options. Marketing to all new movers is the best opportunity to get a new customer. But speed of message to market is of the essence.

Heating oil is considered a commodity. So the first oil company to reach the new mover generally wins the business.

Like many other companies, Lamparelli Oil used to subscribe to a new mover list and manage all of its customer prospecting in-house. This presented multiple problems. Mailings were late, often inaccurate, and Lamparelli’s sales force was distracted from what they do best … sell.

Over the years, other methods have become a challenge as well. For example, outbound telemarketing to a new movers list was a viable way to get new customers … until federal and state Do-Not-Call legislation made it too complicated -- and too costly.

That’s when Lamparelli Oil turned to N2N.

N2N’s Daily Mail has proven to be a great alternative … and a highly rewarding solution for Lamparelli Oil. N2N’s New Mover lists are updated on a daily basis. So Lamparelli can count on reaching these potential customers as quickly as possible … before the competition. Mail still arrives signed by sales representatives – without the reps having to coordinate it. N2N simply uses the appropriate rep’s name and signature, automatically.

Working with N2N, Lamparelli saw an immediate impact … more than 100% increase in response! And the company’s sales reps were able to focus on what they needed to do … close the business.



“These days our business has to compete with the “big box” home retailers. N2N’s New Homebuyer Mail Program gets our name and a compelling offer in front of prospective customers more quickly. If I can get them into the store, we can take over from there.”

Jeanne Babel, Babel’s Paint & Decorating

  • Great alternative to telemarketing and new Do-Not-Call regulations
  • Gets sales force out of marketing and back into sales
  • Daily updates to new mover lists ensures the fastest delivery of message
  • Turnkey automated program … with personal touch
  • Increased response more than 100%

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