Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Personalized Mail for a Retailer who
Specializes in Personal Service

“These days our business has to compete with the “big box” home retailers. N2N’s New Homebuyer Mail Program gets our name and a compelling offer in front of prospective customers more quickly. If I can get them into the store, we can take over from there.”

Jeanne Babel
Babel’s Paint & Decorating
Norwood, MA

Over the past fifty years, Babel’s Paint & Decorating has grown from a 4,000 square foot store to a full-scale decorating center. Babel’s has added additional retail locations, a contractor warehouse for the trade, and most recently acquired another similar business.

With commitment, focus and flexibility, Babel’s has managed to maintain its leadership position in this market. But it isn’t always easy. Today, Babel’s faces greater competition than ever from the big self-service retailers like Home Depot and Lowes.

Babel’s focus was – and is – personal service. The company’s strength is its people, with the average associate having been there for seven years, highly unusual for retail. Babel’s recognizes that if they win a new customer, they can keep that customer for the long term. In fact, the business prides itself on customer relationships that have lasted more than 20 years and more than three generations.

The challenge is to acquire new customers, to start the relationship.

That’s where N2N comes in.

Decades ago, Babel’s relied on a “Welcome Wagon” service to reach new customers. In those days, a woman arrived at the door with a basket of gifts and coupons. While that face-to-face experience was very effective then, it simply doesn’t work anymore. Even if they’re at home when someone knocks, today’s new movers don’t want to let strangers in.

In this day and age, the highly personalized direct mail N2N offers is a much better solution.

N2N’s New Homebuyer Mail Program gets the Babel’s name in front of customers quickly. The personalized letter can be changed easily – whenever Babel’s adds a new product or wants to run a special promotion. It looks like it’s handwritten, automatically creating that personal touch Babel’s is known for. And, working with N2N, Babel’s has developed a 3-gift certificate package to promote all its offerings: window coverings, wallpaper and paint.

Mail campaigns are targeted by demographics, income level and geography. While response rates vary in different markets, Babel’s consistently sees a 5% return. That’s almost 500% above industry average for direct mail.

And the New Mover letter is just the beginning. For a business building a long-term customer base, the N2N program is particularly valuable. It enables Babel’s to collect data for future relationship marketing. N2N provides Babel’s with a complete contact list for each mailing. If a prospective customer isn’t ready to buy yet, Babel’s can approach them again in 3-6 months.

And, who says you can’t build brand and create demand at the same time? Babel’s relies on an integrated marketing strategy. Potential customers hear about the business from a variety of sources – newspaper ads, referrals and direct mail. The N2N program is specifically designed to reinforce and complement Babel’s other marketing activity.



"Your New Homebuyer Mail Program went way beyond my expectations. I did not expect an immediate response in the first week we mailed…”

Lester Gorin, Gorin's Furniture

  • Integrated communications strategy
  • Competitive edge against bigger retailers
  • 5% response rate
  • Building CRM database
  • Highly personalized mailings
  • Today’s answer to the old person-to-person “Welcome Wagon”

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