Saturday, January 19, 2019

Life-Event Direct Marketing

When a Life-event Triggers the Need to Buy

Most consumers tend to make lots of small and big purchases when they reach specific milestones in their lives or experience life-changing events. Major life-events – like buying a home, getting married, expecting a baby or retiring – triggers a wave of consumer purchases.

People who are going through major (and sometimes minor) life-events are open to new ideas, products and services. A life-event allows people to give themselves permission to try new things. And this is exactly the time in their lives that your business should be right in front of them.

Timing is Everything

You only a have a short time period before, during or after a life-event has occurred to sell your product or service. To be relevant – you need to get your highly personalized message to the consumer when the life-event is happening – during the buying frenzy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to reach a prospect at the moment when they’re actually searching for your product or service. And knowing when someone is going through a particular life-event and reaching them at that time – before your competition – gives you the marketing edge.

A Timely, Turn-key, Personalized Direct Marketing Program is Your Way In.

Direct mail can be the most cost-efficient and personalized way to reach people before, during or soon after a life-event. With such precise targeting and timing – you’ll be able to send out less mail and get better response rates. When you reach the right consumer, at the right time with the right offer and product or service – you’ve found the holy grail of consumer marketing.

And life-events happen every day, every week and every month of the year. N2N Direct’s turn-key, highly personalized and timely direct mail programs offer direct marketing systems (from end-to-end) – reaching consumers consistently just before, during or soon after a life-event occurs.



"Your New Homebuyer Mail Program went way beyond my expectations. I did not expect an immediate response in the first week we mailed…”

Lester Gorin, Gorin's Furniture


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