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Life-Event Marketing: Learning How to Reach the Right Person at the Right Time with the Right Offer.
By Bruce Rosenbaum on 10/21/2008 10:09 AM

It took me a little while to figure out -- but 3 is the magical number in marketing and selling of a unique home in a down real estate market...

By Bruce Rosenbaum on 10/14/2008 1:12 PM

In addition to our company N2N Direct, My wife Melanie and I started a Victorian Home Restoration Business: ModVic, LLC (Modern Victorian Home Restoration). We recently...

By Bruce Rosenbaum on 10/7/2008 2:11 PM

If you heat your home with oil -- you know you're now paying about double the cost vs what you were paying last year.

By Bruce Rosenbaum on 10/1/2008 12:16 PM

In normal times (I don't know what normal times are, but we are definately not in normal now) -- it has been difficult to reach a homeowner just at the point they were thinking of remodeling their home.

By Bruce Rosenbaum on 9/22/2008 8:37 AM

In an up side down market economy where everyone is trying to save a buck -- how does your company reach the right prospect at the right time and get attention for their product or service without giving up the store?

It's easy...



"N2N Direct's New Homebuyer Turn-key Mail Program has proven to be our most effective resource for finding first-time buyers. Because it's 100% measurable, we now know for a fact that their personalized, highly targeted and timely direct mail has made accessible a market we'd been unable to reach previously."

Robert Chapin, Pompanoosuc Mills Furniture


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