Wednesday, December 12, 2018
What is the N2N Direct Logo?

The N2N Direct logo is two Puffin heads – end-to-end.

Commonly mistaken as a penguin – a Puffin (Atlantic Puffin) is a hearty, colorful, small (pigeon-sized) seabird which lives on the open ocean throughout the majority of the year, breeding in colonies on northern seacoasts and rocky islands from April to mid-August. They are excellent swimmers, using their wings to essentially ‘fly’ underwater while using their feet to control direction. Puffins do not come to land outside of the breeding season – flying, swimming or riding the ocean surface throughout the year regardless of weather.

The ability to survive and thrive in harsh conditions, amazing fishing abilities, colorful and fun nature…Puffins are my inspiration for my life and for my business.

What does N2N mean?

N 2 N is a grammargram – where letters/numbers sound out actual words. You see this used frequently on license plates (i.e. X L N C – Excellency). N 2 N translates into “End-to-End”, turn-key direct marketing program solutions specifically developed for businesses like yours.



“Working with N2N is easy, manageable. It’s seamless and simple. Our direct marketing looks more professional – and my sales reps are free to do what they do best. Sell.”

John Mullaley, Frank Lamparelli Oil


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